Ways to root Android smartphone

Rooting is a process that allows android users the ability to control the various android subsystems. This is also referred to as root access and with it you can overcome the limitations that have been made by the manufacturer. With root access, you can modify or delete system files. When installing root, a Superuser application is also installed automatically. This application grants root access to other applications installed by the user.

Rooting can be done with or without a computer. There are many advantages of rooting your device. They are:

  • Ability to install a Custom ROM
  • There is full application control
  • Color of the device can be changed to meet the users’ preferences
  • The battery icon can also be tweaked
  • It boosts the phone speed
  • It improves your battery life
  • It can block adverts in any application
  • The font type can be changed
  • There is full control of the Kernel
  • You can unlock hidden features
  • Ability to install incompatible applications

There are disadvantages as well:

  • There is a risk of bricking your phone
  • It voids the warranty of the phone

If you have decided to root your phone, there are various applications that are available for you. They include:

  1. Kingo root

It is available for free. It can be downloaded as an app as well as software for PC. Kingo supports nearly all android phones. It uses the internet meaning that your computer or phone should have access to the internet at the time of root.

  1. Framaroot

This is only available as an apk. Can be used to root and unroot. It supports the latest android versions. It works well with the Samsung Galaxy, Tecno R7 and Huawei Ascend.

  1. KingRoot

It can be used to root with or without PC. Its works well with MTK devices and functions the same was as iRoot and Kingo root.


  1. Unlock Root

This software works well. However, it is not available for free and thus you should consider the free applications.

  1. Root Master

This should only be considered if the Framaroot fails. It is a success for most android phones.

  1. z4root App

It is probably one of the oldest rooting application thus can root older Android versions. It does not require a computer.

  1. Universal Androot App

This can root several android devices without the need of using a computer.

  1. Easy rooting toolkit

This was developed by DooMLoRD and it roots most devices without PC. It supports the old versions as well.

  1. SRSRoot Software

In case, all the above applications fail to grant root access, this is your final solution. It has been in existence for a long time and has rooted many devices.

  1. Vroot Software

This is one of the best softwares as far as rooting is concerned. It supports a wider variety of devices, older versions included (Froyo to Jelly Bean). It is now called iRoot. It is available for PC and as an apk.

All the above apps are a guarantee that you will have a root access to your device. They will work very well as from experience. However, I will not be liable for any problems encountered, which can be fatal.